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Top 10 Cloud Companies in APAC - 2020

Cloud computing today has permeated numerous areas of enterprise operations, including human resources (HR). While organizations continue to expand their business in the Asia Pacific, HR professionals must brace themselves for the challenge of recruiting, training, and nurturing quality in limited timeframes. Realizing this mandate, CHROs are turning to cloud-based solutions to bring automation and simplicity in the HR operations, which assist the HR department in cultivating an engaged and productive workforce.

Today, all the diverse modules of an organization’s HR workflow, including, the salary of the employees, attendance, appraisals, progress, working hours, and recruitment process are gradually shifting from on-premise HR management to cloud-based HR management software (HRMS). After all, cloud HRMS systems provide data security, mobility, customizability, and storage with time-saving and easy collaboration throughout the organization, irrespective of the department. Besides, cloud solutions give HR managers the access to actionable insights and enable employees to get the relevant information they need, such as training materials, whenever they want, on any device and channel they prefer.

In addition to being the silo-breakers, cloud-based solutions— with their minimal maintenance requirements and ability to seamlessly update on the go—offer excellent flexibility to the present workforce as well as the enterprise. Moreover, HR cloud software is enabling employees to share information, create groups, and communicate among themselves. Many cloud-based HR platforms feature support for analytics, which eases the task of identifying the right candidates from the vast pool of talent. These platforms’ user-friendliness is further accentuated by providing mobile access to enterprise data that gives teams the flexibility to work from anywhere, at anytime.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of cloud-based HR solution providers entering the industry with a set of advanced and integrated offerings. To help organizations strengthen their HR capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the industry, HR Tech outlook has compiled a list of the top 10 cloud companies. The list comprises prominent organizations in the industry that solve challenges in the HR sector by implementing the current trends in the space. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you HR Tech outlook’s, “Top 10 Cloud Companies in APAC - 2020”

Top Cloud Companies in APAC